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Brothel Hireling Bugs - Including Game Freeze



When you have 19 Constitution and Dexterity, you can hire one of the Salty Mast's prostitutes. However, doing this breaks them and the game.


Savefile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgkkj9wbr8jqkz1/849ef6813b4c4168a3d1717c3763e420%2012770977%20TheSaltyMast.zip?dl=0


How to reproduce:


1 - Load my save. Sleep with one of the prostitutes nearby and tell them to come work for you when they ask.


2 - Hire them in the Stronghold menu. Note that they'll never actually leave the Salty Mast, even if you exit and reenter the area.


3 - To trigger the first bug, don't leave the Salty Mast and speak to the prostitute you hired. They'll have the dialogue they're supposed to have while in your Stronghold. If you sleep with them, the screen goes black and nothing ever happens until you press Alt+F4.


4 - To trigger the second bug, go to the Stronghold after hiring them. Enter Brighthollow and go to your room on the second floor. The prostitute should be there. Sleeping with them in Brighthollow does not freeze the game, but it has no effect whatsoever. (I'm guessing they're supposed to still give their bonus while hired).

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There is an error with Aldwyn as well. I hired him, he appears in my bedroom at the stronghold with the same interaction used at the Salty Mast (I dont know if this is intended or not). After he says the 'breath of fresh air' line, you get the choices:

1) who are you?

-> 2) how much?

3) leave


Aldwyn responds '400..' (is this intended also? you're paying him as a keep employee also)

if you choise [pay]


the screen blacks and the game must be restarted

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I am experiencing this bug. I hired Aldwyn (He remained in brothel post conversation) I opened stronghold (H) and hired him while in brothel and him still present. I returned to stronghold and went to visit Aldwyn in sleeping quarters. The conversation is identical to brothel conversation, I choose to pay $400 and the screen goes black.


I am still within the game, I can view hypertext from passing over text boxes such as; option, stronghold, journal, etc.. I can here the "ESC" button when pressing it but can't see anything. I can still see my cursor moving about the screen or the cursor for "no movement" when moving over what must be walls or other obstructions.


At this point I must restart the game.


I reloaded an earlier save and initiated the process several times. The same outcome occurs every time with choosing combinations of dialog prior and post the hiring process.


I am unable to  upload or connect any files for developer, too confusing to understand the steps, I did read them and gave it the old college try.



Is this a current issue with the game or a current issue with my version of the game?

Should I just ignore the option to hire those NPC's?


The date is April 17th, 2017 (since everything else seems to be older)


Any advice is welcomed, Thank you.

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So i have the same error with Aldwyn. I understand this is an old topic and probably not gonna be fixed but still here is my Savegame and log.




I really hope i am wrong and this gonna be fixed after all. 


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