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I have a bounty from the warden to kill High Archanist Ysly,the problem i have is that it is in Heritage Hill tower and i can not access any of the area's in Defiance bay since the riot's :).


But when i was entering Hearthsong (i think) a guard told me that the riots had fiished and access was now open but when i go there it is still not open any ideas how i get in.




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Not that far into the game so I can't comment, will try entering DB after Hearthsong.


Afaik you should be able to enter. Reloading or loading another save may do the trick.. Will be reporting back.

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Just continue with the plot and head into Twin Elms. The riots will end once you've had a dialogue with the gatekeeper at Hearthsong (the fact they ended will be indicated in the dialogue), after that point you're free to head back into Defiance Bay for business as usual.

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