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Bug: Coordinates Attacks not available at levels 9 and 11


I just created a level 11 Paladin in an inn and at level 9:


Hastening Exhortation was selectable (supposed not to be selectable before level 11), but Coordinates Attacks was not displayed.


At level 11 coordinated attacks were still not available.

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the link is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61178858/8e956a55d8df435a85209b2c00e5c5a5%2021008653%20GooseandFox.savegame


This is a lvl 12 party at the inn in Copperlane. I tried two times to create a human paladin and both times I got hastening Exhortation at level 9 but did not get coordinated attacks.


This is also a nice example for the long loading times. On my system, with an SSD, loading this save takes about 40 seconds. The entire load process, starting with hitting the ESC key takes about one minute. This does not sound like much but really detriments the experience for me.

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