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Hi guys


I was reading this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414713755&insideModal=1


In it i read [start quote]:

For example, in an attack against the above wolf I received this roll:

Accuracy 25 (Me) - Deflection 27 (Wolf Defense) = -2
A d100 roll of 52 + -2 (The result of the comparison) = 50 (Total)
50 (total) resulted in a Grazing Hit.

The Thresholds for hits are as follows:
15 or Less = Miss
16 to 50 = Grazing Hit (50% Damage and Duration)
51 to 100 = Hit (100% Damage and Duration)
Over 100 = Critical (150% Damage and Duration)

 [End quote]


Whats confusing me is when the writer says the hit was a "Grazing Hit" does that mean the it will do 50% of the weapons base damage? If that's the case if the weapon states for example "7-11 Pierce (base 8-12) vs. Deflection." does that mean it will take a random number between 8 and 12 and then do 50% of that? Also what does the "7-11 Pierce" mean?


Thanks to those who can help

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