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Old school dungeon crawl... please?

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I'd give anything for a Wizardry or Bard's Tale type dungeon... like, one without a map, no magic areas, poison areas, teleport tiles, pitch black areas etc... something that REALLY challenges you on a whole new (or should I say really old) level. That is, make the actual dungeon an enemy... make it twist and turn. To solve it you go down 3 stairs then back up two, down one etc etc multi level puzzles and the like. What I wouldn't give for a modern isometric take on those types of dungeons... oh, and fill the dungeon with NPCs, quests, lore etc...

I know this goes against every modern idea that rules the games industry, but it would be so astonishingly refreshing, and, I believe, beloved as hell!!





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Yes to all of those! I just think it would be amazing to see the first person type old school duneons translated into an iso dungeon. While I love my Bard's Tales, Eye of the Beholder's, Wizardry's, etc isometric is my all time fav group based RPG view.

Grimoire just had an update, and he claims to be down to 7 bugs so far. Anything is possible!

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