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Will GOG Galaxy get the achievement system ?

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I wonder, if it's only for Steam, or if it's planned to be added at GOG too.


Somehow I doubt that'll happen for the base game. Maybe for one of the expansions. I sure would enjoy having a way to earn achievements without giving THE SAVIOUR OF PC GAMING BY ADDING DRM TO EVERYTHING more money than he already has, but that's just me and my unreasonable aversion to Valve Steam. :)

No voice to cry suffering.

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Achievements support is planned for GOG Galaxy at release, so I see no reason for PoE ones to be added, assuming GOG wizards are the one to do the work on converting the Steam achievements code to Galaxy-compatible code. On the other hand, if the conversion work is in the hands of Obsidian I’m not sure it’ll come on Galaxy launch day, as they will most probably be busy patching PoE and/or developing its expansion pack.

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