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Small language choice issue



In the asylum, a woman says Azo treats them "like humans." It seems to be a poor choice of words in a world with multiple humanoid races, especially since, if I'm squinting at her character model the right way, Freyol appears to be an elf herself! I think this was probably a typo for something like "kith." 



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Hi there,


So just seems to be a little misunderstanding here. Kith = all races in the world, Humans are a single race. So as stated by Freyol is correct.


Thanks for your feedback. 


Hi, thanks for replying but I don't understand your response. I know that "kith" = all races in this world. That's precisely why I think it's a better fit for this line. Freyol is saying "Some animancers treat us like vermin, but Azo doesn't. He treats us with the respect due to a sentient organism." That's why a word like "kith" is a better fit than the specific word "human" in this context. The word "people" would also be sufficiently generic (only it's used in the very next line).


Saying, "Some animancers treat us like vermin, but Azo doesn't. He treats us like we are specifically members of the sentient race of Humans" is not a statement that makes any sense here.

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