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arcane assault not showing outcome in combat log?

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hi, new to the fourm. i tried searching a few places for a answer to this and was suprised not to find what i was looking.


when i cast the spell arcane assualt, i see in the combat log " Aloth (Arcane Assualt): Graze 2, Hit 2 " but not the details on the damage recieved by those that were hit that include the roll to make such a hit possible when you let your cursor hover over said combat log damage recieved details. im not even seeing who is dazed  by the secondary effect of the spell and for how long either.


anyone else experience this? or could anyone explain to me the proper function of the spell?


thanks for taking the time to read this and for your feed back!



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I didn't find your specific issue, but there was this issue with arcane assault posted from a member using patch 1.06:




It looks as if they're looking into that issue and so hopefully this one gets wrapped into it. However, I can say that it's peculiar if you don't get verification by passing your cursor over the targets to see who was under the dazed effect. At any rate, good luck!

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