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steam updates poe 1.6 gb again and again why?



So i did the big download 6 gb and then after that they release a 1.6 gb but this one doesnt seem too be willingly steady like everyday i start steam it start download same patch.. far as i know why doesnt it register that its already installed ???????? gettting very angery here



<a href="http://gyazo.com/34cac27b854ef4c7782594ee0f76cca4"><img src="http://i.gyazo.com/34cac27b854ef4c7782594ee0f76cca4.gif" /></a>



http://gyazo.com/34cac27b854ef4c7782594ee0f76cca4 heres the gazyo pic i took from it.. both legit link so scamerino  here lol

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ok so sorry for posting several treads.. i couldt find this tread so i made new one.. btw why cant i see treads posted on my posts account?


No doubt when you signed up to the forum you read the rules and saw that it takes 5 posts approval from a moderator before you can freely post. ;) You are now at 5 posts so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

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