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  1. you will need too open the logbooks in order for quests too privide add info... lol it was so easy too not figure out JK didnt think i had too manually open them in order for the info too make quest furhter.. but u need too read em
  2. ok so sorry for posting several treads.. i couldt find this tread so i made new one.. btw why cant i see treads posted on my posts account?
  3. hello, i did install an 6 gb update for card game for poe.. now there is an 1.6gb and its repeating itself every ****ING time i restart steam WHY?! how too fix this that the update stick too its folder?
  4. whenever i update poe it fine,, day after i restart steam it says update requiered again WHY?
  5. they removed my post yesterday i put it up again, becus i demand an answer too why or how this can be happening...... DONT JUST DELETE POST WITHOUT TELLING WHY that is childish
  6. So i did the big download 6 gb and then after that they release a 1.6 gb but this one doesnt seem too be willingly steady like everyday i start steam it start download same patch.. far as i know why doesnt it register that its already installed ???????? gettting very angery here <a href="http://gyazo.com/34cac27b854ef4c7782594ee0f76cca4"><img src="http://i.gyazo.com/34cac27b854ef4c7782594ee0f76cca4.gif" /></a> http://gyazo.com/34cac27b854ef4c7782594ee0f76cca4 heres the gazyo pic i took from it.. both legit link so scamerino here lol
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