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Suggestion: Show target of PCs/NPCs

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Forgive me if this is already possible and I'm just new.


What I mean is that there are green and red lines to indicate melee engagements, but I don't see any way to tell definitively what target is being attacked by someone at range. When enemies or allies are close together, it can be hard to tell based on what direction someone is looking, or even whether they are idle or just recovering.


In other games, like WoW, selecting a target will show you who its target is. In PoE, something like this would be helpful. For one, especially since auto attack isn't working in 1.0.6, I'd like to be absolutely certain a PC isn't idle before commanding it to attack something, as this could disrupt an attack already in progress. To work around this, I am playing now with the game set to autopause every time an enemy dies, but I find this to be overkill for certain fights, and I sure don't need the game to pause when the last enemy dies.


Defensively, it could be useful to see who a ranged enemy is about to attack or cast a spell at, so I can better mitigate damage preemptively (like knowing when my mage should cast a defensive spell before he gets hurt).


This could be accomplished either by having an option to show the target in the tooltip when you mouse over someone, or by an option to draw lines (maybe in different colors) to indicate targets and not just engagements.

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You can see a character or creature's current target by hovering your cursor over its selection circle (or by selecting it, if it's a member of your party). The selection circle of its current target (which may be itself in the case of buffs or heals, or self-centered AoEs) will animate with a split X.


Note that if you both select a party member and hover your cursor over another creature, both of their targets will have animated selection circles. The same applies if you have multiple party members selected.


If you ever play Baldur's Gate or one of the other Infinity Engine games, they use the same method to indicate current target.

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