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Can i change hard mode from "hard" to "PotD"?

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First of all i would like to say thanks to Obsidian for my gamer's essence rebirth (10 years ago i lived by BG/IWD/NWN and sometimes NOX, then it was WoW and then family starts...).


PoE is super game with due atmosphere etc., however just now i faced a huge problem i dont know how to sort out (and to be honest im scare to accept the fact i will leave the game soon due to below described reason)...


Basically...IS NOT INTERESTING TO PLAY anymore after reaching of 8th level:

- difficulty: HARD

- party of 5 members: my elf-ranger (along with Mr. Wolf), self-made paladin, eder two-handed DPS, aloth (DPS obviously) and durance as a buffer

- level of my party: 9 (but boring starts from getting 8th)

- my location now is just below the Cliaban Rilag ruins in the Temple of Skaen

- im done with Raedrik's hold, Defiance Bay and all of the quests there, however not entered Twin Elms yet, Kaed Nua is 5 or 6th level but boring as well


Guys, colleagues...i dont even need to built tactics and (what is worse) using abilities...i just use one button/command "ATTACK" coz all enemies are dying in 2-3 seconds, no hard battles, no saves/downloads, no fun/thinking how to place your chars, just "Hack'n'Slash" style where all of my mage/priest spells are not necessary at all. Even boss battles are easy (last one was Waymund inside this temple, he died in 1 minute w/o any fireballs/stabs/shots and any abilities, it was just Eder's sable's and my Ranger's DPS along with Durance arkebuza...).


I dont know what to do, i love this game and the reason of my post not to boast how i'm good, i just want to save the fun for myself. The only way i see so far is to change somehow difficulty level (now i realise im idiot being afraid to start at PotD difficulty, but how could i know...).


P.S. My last more or less interesting batles was just before i went to Dyrford, it was 'headhunters' quests i received in stronghold, however even there i felt im losing interest to this game...






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Another thing was Raedrik's hold...sleepless nights, 100 saves/downloads, 100 hits to my keyboard, thinking on tactics and battle's approach, maybe Kaed Nua "Ogres" level was also good, but now...now you know.

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In order to change difficulty to PotD on a game you've started on a different setting, you need the IE mod.

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