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Stuttering/Frame Rate Drops



When I first start the game and I load new assets on screen (cast a spell for the first time, open inventory, open new chests, engage new enemies, start new dialogue with new NPCs, open new doors, etc.) my frame rates PLUNGE drastically and the game begins to stutter for a about a second.


Considering I am encountering new items/areas/NPCs all the time, this is a very annoying issue. It really destroys my experience with this beautiful game. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with Steam or if it is patch related, but it seems other uses are having similar problems with no solutions.


Has anyone been running into the same problems and if so, what have you done to remedy it?

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Still experiencing this problem after patch 1.06. ;( Just to be clear, this is not an issue I am running into because my hardware cannot support the game. I've even tried lowering all the graphic settings from the in-game menu.


This only occurs in spikes - when new assets appear on screen. For example, every time I load the game and open the inventory for the first time, there is a lag/delay. Every time my Priest casts a new spell in each encounter, there is a lag and delay. Every time I uncover enemies from the fog of war, there is a lag. I see this on most of the videos I watch on YouTube of game play.


I just hope it gets brought to the attention of the developers. 

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