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[1.05] Disintegration - potential oversight - underwhelming damage



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Could be a bug, but important to remember that they treat raw damage like it's god's gift.

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 Haha, I'm gonna go right ahead and guess that you 2 have never actually used this ability :biggrin:


 The reality is that this is a case of a dirty lying description, it is in fact more on the side of a hilariously overwhelmingly overpowered ablity. What it really does is 30 raw damage every 3 second for its duration, and it scales with both might and intellect. I believe there are less then 10 enemies in the entire game on the hardest difficulty that will survive a crit of disintegrate on a 20 might and 20 intellect cypher, and those will die to 2 crit (or 3 non crit) disintegrates :o


edit: I just went and tested it on a 18 might 22 intellect cypher, a crit of disintegrate does roughly 430 raw damage.

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