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[.591] order of hotkeyed abilities on the quickbar is screwed up



This one is hard to explain; basically, before this patch I could hotkey my first spell/ability and have it show up the very left of the hotkey bar. Then I would hotkey a second ability and it would show up to the right of the first one, and so on.


Now, however, I am seeing some very strange behaviour. Sometime the ability I hotkey third shows up at the very left of the hotkey bar, and the ability I hotkey fourth at the very right. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I made a new character for this version, so it can't be a legacy issue.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Do you have a save game that you can upload to something like dropbox and then post a link here?  That will help us take a closer look at what you're seeing.  I'm unable to reproduce that bug in my game.

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Attached the save file below. I'll explain this in detail to show the problem:


- select aloth

- he has two abilities on his main bar: Arcane Assault and Arcane Veil

- first bind AA to "Q" and then AV to "W" by hovering over them and pressing the respective key. AA is now in the leftmost spot on the hotbar; AV is to the right of AA.

- now, unbind AA by hovering over it on the main bar and pressing "Q" again, and unbind AV by pressing "W" over it. The icons disappear from the hot bar.

- now, first bind AV to "Q" and then AA to "W" (= the order is reversed)


-> Expected: AV appears to the left of AA; it gets hotkeyed first and Q was the first hotkey in the previous hotkey order as well. There is no reason to expect another order.


-> Actual result: AA appears to the left of AV


(optional: you can now repeat this at your leisure and hotkey and re-bind even more abilities as well, which sometimes causes even stranger results)


- unbind AA and AV again

- save and reload

- bind AV to "Q" and AA to "W".

- Result: AV appears to the left of AA, as expected


The workaround is perfectly suitable to avoid this problem, but I'm worried that there must be something weirdly screwed up in the code to produce these results.



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