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Having Trouble with Od Nua Level 10 and further

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Hey guys,

I'm playing the game on Path of the Damned and I'm really starting to struggle with the difficulty starting at the Endless Path of Od Nua Level 10... The battles with the spectres and beetles down there are incredibly tough and I can only barely win them giving rather extensive micro and several reloads.


My party configuration is






a dual-wielding rogue.


There levels are at 7.



Is the group to weak yet to make it down or am I lacking some tactical skills and/or should I choose another party config? Given that I can barely make the fights at Level 10, I'm not thrilled woth the idea of making my way back an forth between resting at the inn and deceding down.


Any advice on how to proceed?

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Come back at a higher level. You're looking at basically several small levels (except for level 13) until the end of the dungeon, there's no need to try and basically finish all of Od Nua at half the max level. 

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