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Kana can't reach maximum endurance, why?

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^ This is not supposed to happen, which makes it a bug. Try reloading an earlier save, or dismissing and rejoining Kana. Try getting him to 0 health and endurance (maimed) and resting again. Try getting him to level 6. Basically try anything that could refresh his status. If nothing works, wait for a patch (not sure if the upcoming 1,06 fixes this, can anyone confirm?).

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Running bug report thread for this: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79382-issuebug-hiravias-stuck-at-half-endurance/


Devs are actively responding in the thread, but are having trouble figuring it out. Your saved games could be what they need. :)


EDIT: Herp. I now see that you posted there shortly after making this thread. My bad.

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