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How to reset companions to lvl 1?

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In the newly-released patch 1.05 it says:


There's a new option to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 (without losing the experience). This will allow you to level up companions to your liking.


I've installed the patch but I can't find the option to reset my companions; went through all the Settings menus. How do I reset my companions?

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^It only works before you recruit them for the first time - the option is 'auto-level companions' - set to 'off'

You can't respec companions once you've recruited them.


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  1. Install IE mod, then open the console.
  2. Type "FindCharacter (name)", and you will get that character's internal name within the game (something like NPC_Companion(Clone)_5).
  3. Then type "ChangeClass (what FindCharacter gave you for their name) (their class)".
  4. They will drop to lvl 0 and you can level them up from there.

EDIT: Blorp. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/?

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