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  1. I'd hoped, when starting PoE2, that Pallegina would be in it and would be recruitable. She was my favorite party member from the first game. So when I first encountered her and spoke to her, I was disappointed that I could not recruit her and thought that was the end of that. Reading your post has made me excited again that I can actually have her in my party. As a fun aside, when speaking to her for the first time, choose the dialogue that says that her downfall was a result of her disobeying orders. The resulting shouting and cursing is funny.
  2. Aloth's avatar will show a chat icon after a rest when he's ready to tell you about his quest. His quest ends in Defiance Bay.
  3. As I understand it, Magran attempted to kill the 12 people who created the Godhammer (with her imput) to disguise her part in the killing of Eothas; it appears that only those twelve knew of Magran's involvement and she wanted to keep it a secret. Eder ponders aloud that perhaps Eothas knew of Woedica's grand plan and that Eothas perhaps was marching to the Dyrwood to put an end to the scheme; Woedica then recruited Magran to stop Eothas, which she did. The final adra machine acted as the central repository of all the souls extracted from the other machines spread across the land, but it too could also extract souls (witness the empty shells of the followers in Braith Eaman). Obviously the machines had a limited range in extracting souls, hence the need to have more than one placed around the land feeding the central machine.
  4. In the newly-released patch 1.05 it says: There's a new option to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 (without losing the experience). This will allow you to level up companions to your liking. I've installed the patch but I can't find the option to reset my companions; went through all the Settings menus. How do I reset my companions?
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