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[1.05] Weird problems with Kana



I sent Kana to Caed Nua for a while, and then added him back to the party to continue his quest in the Endless Paths. This is when the weird stuff started happening to him.


  • his chant bar is jumping up and down
  • he stops chanting on his own
  • the order of the chants on his quick bar keeps changing
  • the designations of his chants keep changing
  • chants are being copied after save/load


Here's the save file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-Aojp0gqQOMncxOWtNN2R3cFE/view?usp=sharing


For example - see the location of the chant bar (it keeps jumping between the normal position and this one), and notice that he has two identical chants activated at the same time...



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I'm having an issue with Kana as well. Kana's chant bar gets set to all A's right after combat and the chant stops. To fix this I have to open "Edit chants and click A, B, C, D" then my bar is fixed.  It's a little annoying to start his chants every fight, but its workable.  And this started right after I went to Caed Nu and removed him from my party and leveled up Aloth. Right after I pulled him back in my party and the problems started.

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