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What was your reputation in the end?

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Did you play with dialogue markers on or off? Did you try to achieve a certain reputation? What was the result (screenshot would be nice)?

Here's what i ended up with while playing on expert


PS why cant i use jpg images?

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What? You thought it was a quote from some well known wise guy from the past?


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1st play through (Dialogue markers off): Stingray the Paladin, trying to stay to the favored dispositions of Benevolent and Passionate also very Honest.




2nd play through (Dialogue markers on): Xenye the clever rationale yet overly aggressive Cipher




3rd play through (Dialogue markers on): Ioane the cruel, deceptive and stoic Monk




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Markers off. Well, playing a priest rewards you for being in line with favored dispositions. I rarely play priests, so it was interesting even if that makes you a bit unflexible. Being not cruel is easy (and I don't really like doing that anyway), but being “not deceptive” is somewhat harder.

I hope Aloth won't get in trouble for that *cough*


Pillars of Bugothas

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