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how do you 'ghost' a shield?

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So I've got a really nice buckler. Some of the time I'd like to swing a sword around, because swords are cool. Other times I'd like to swing a mace at bad guys, because reasons. I'd like to switch my weapon in the middle of a fight, but keep my same shield. The wiki says there's a way to do this, but I can't seem to figure out how.


Is there a way to 'ghost' a shield between two or more sets of weapons?

Or, is there a way to 'ghost a weapon between two or more sets of shields?

If there is, how do I do it?



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IE mod allows you to change items during battle ala the IE games. You can always try that if necessary (google IE mod nexus for the latest version) as it would allow you to change weapons without losing your shield.

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