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Game Locked Up Can't Advance



Ok, so I FINALLY got a chance to play SoT. I was loving it until my game came to a skretching halt due to a bug or something.


I'm playing on a PS3. When I first enter the wall after the two fights with the underpants gnomes, I'm able to kill the rat and walk into the hole on the otherside of the rat that should lead to a cut scene in which Douchebag watches his parents talk through the vent cover (I only know that's what the cutscene is because I looked it up on YouTube to see if I was doing something wrong). HOWEVER... When I enter that area after the rat, my screen never loads and while I can hear the music bed that's supposed to play on that cutscene, I get absolutely no visual and no voices.


What the hell is going on? I've reloaded the autosave and other (older) save files, restarted, turned off and on my machine, unplugged the machine entirely, and all sorts of other things, all to no avail. I'm not willing to go back and replay the whole damn game on the off chance that I wont have the exact same problem, but it's a damn shame as the game is ASTOUNDING otherwise.

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