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Stronghold Selectively Regressing?



Haven't hacked, cheated, exploited in any way, shape, or form (intentionally, at least; I wouldn't know if I inadvertantly triggered a bug somehow).


Cleared Endless Paths. Team's Eder, Aloth, Sagani, Durance, Kana, and my toon. All level 9.


Came back to keep, to find Main Hall in tatters. Thought "maybe it's a scenario? Bandits came and looted it?"


Checked keep; Main Hall was reverted to unbuilt. Everything else already built was active. Couldn't build new things because "Requires Main Hall."


Logged out, hoping a restart would solve it, went to bed.


Logged on today. Now, (at the least) West Curtain Wall has reverted to unbuilt. I can Purchase the West Curtain Wall, but things I haven't built yet "Requires Main Hall."


What the hell's going on? Why is my keep degrading??? Is this a feature of the stronghold? Having to perpetually "rebuild" it?


I hope to God that it's not an unfixable bug; I'm NOT going to load an earlier save game from before clearing the Endless Paths and do it all over again!


-Disgruntled Lym


Last login, was approx 24-25-ish hours ago, in case that matters.


PS. Saw guideline posts; sorry. T.T

1. Added Savegames: https://www.dropbox.com/s/64b9y9obqsd6j3z/Pillars%20of%20Eternity.rar?dl=0

2. Output Log attached, tho not sure if it helps in this case

3. DxDiag attached, but again, not sure if it's necessary in this case

4. Screenshots initially attached, still there

5. Steps to reproduce... no idea whatsoever, since I don't know how/why it happened! (and it got worse since last night)





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Your keep get attacked, if you do not have enough security or if the attack is strong enough it destroys your main keep and you have to rebuild it or pay a debt. Easy to fix and part of the game. Same will happen to your walls etc. Happened to me plenty. just pay the fee to rebuild and be more attentive to incoming attacks. 


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It's always best to not auto-resolve these raids, the loot that is dropped is worthwhile (exceptional arms and armors I believe) and you don't have to worry about rebuilding anything. 


Though for some reason the game does not let us loot everything that is dropped, which I find stupid. Maybe the spoils are split among the defenders? 

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