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Deleting a game / PC

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load the game \ load a save ... and while in the "load a save" screen .. you can delete individual saves, sorted by character name in folders (per se) your most recent session (folder) will be opened, if you don't want to delete those, close the folder and select another one


deleting all saves for a toon will delete that toon and kill the folder




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if you delete all the saved games under a character's games the character will vanish from the list. 

Click on the character/party you want to kill and open it, and delete all the games inside.  


I would keep at least 1 good party save so you can tap the journal if you need to...  a completed game will have a nearly complete monster manual so if you are doing a second run thru on POTD you can look up what the best armor and weapons are for a particularly difficult enemy... its all online too of course but its actually faster to just open the old game and look there. 

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