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Some Areas have super low resolution



Hey there!


for some reasons some areas I visit have a very low resolution and look incredibly blurry.

I am playing on highes resolution.


using the "msaa 0" command didn't fix the issue as well as updating graphic card drivers, restarting the game, resting, travelling, etc.

I also forced multisampling and 0x AA in my ATI driver settings.
It's always the same areas.


Any ideas?

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Do you have any specific examples of areas?


I noticed that the outside of Caed Nua is rather blurry in my game. Not sure if it has to do with the fact that a lot of things can change in that particular map but it doesn't look all that nice. But I can't think of any other areas where that happens.

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Could you post screenshots highlighting the problem?

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it's turned off already


edit: turned off tesselation completely and it almost fixed the issue. now the area is in the right resolution again except for places with lightsources (torches, lamps, glowing weapons)


edit2: only helped in the endless paths, the Bedroom for example is still blurry as hell

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Your comment on tesselation does suggest inappropriate driver settings since PoE, being DirectX9-based, does not use tesselation so if you have a profile for PoE in CCC, try deleting it completely and check that you do not have any form of anti-aliasing or post-processing forced in CCC (there's clearly AA present in the screenshot). Check that you have disabled post-processing applications like SweetFX or ReShade, if present, and try disabling in-game AA (set the graphics quality slider to the leftmost position).


If the problem persists after all that, try experimenting with Anisotropic Filtering settings (put them as high as possible - x16 usually) in CCC.

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