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Underutilized Injuries?

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Injuries, the red-iconed semi-permament debuffs, seem to be underutilized. I see them in scripted interactions and that would be it. Is there a reason there isn't more of them in the game? I wouldn't mind seeing injuries being inflicted:

1. When the character is knocked out. (Perhaps 50% of the time, with the chance being further reduced with Survival?)

2. By bosses. (It would make them more terrifing.)

3. By magic weapons on crits. (For flavor. If proper injury is chosen it shouldn't be more powerful than Stunning or Overbearing weapons.)

4. By spells on crits. (For flavor AND it would make enemy spellcasters more terryfing.)


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It might be nice if 100% you get knocked out, you get an injury but survival can reduce the severity of the injury. I would also like way more scripted interactions in general to further increase use of both injuries and survival.

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