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Each companion have own auto attack on/off, hold position, toggle ability on/off

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Just an idea which would be nice to have in POE, but if not now, perhaps for the expansion or even POE 2.


Each companion has their own:


a. auto attack on/off




b. hold position on/off

- this would be very nice for tanks in the front since they like to auto-move after an attack despite turning off auto-attack in options menu.




c. toggle ability on/off

- example: toggle on torments reach so it gets activated as soon as possible.

- example: toggle on swift strikes so it gets activated as soon as it's available.

- example: toggle on knock down, so fighter keeps attempting it.

- example: toggle on consecrated ground, so it auto casts when current consecrated ground is finished.


If C is too much, then scratch it.  I'm just a huge fan of automating repetitive tasks.

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