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Hello folks. I hope my small help request isn't out of place, if it is please apologize =)


I've been adoring Pillars of Eternity for the past week, it really is a worthy heir of Baldur's Gate.


Though I have a small issue. I was pretty much assuming at some point during the game I would meet a recruitable Rogue. So I didn't gave anyone in my party any Mechanics. I was talking about this with a friend who told me there was no Rogue in the game (I didn't want to spoil me anything so it didn't even crossed my mind to check about that). I have now a party with no one able to (properly) pick locks or detect traps.


I wish I had given Durance some more mechanic skills.


So as much as I dislike the idea I was contemplating the possibility of using the "respec" command of the IE Mod. My goal would be to re-create a perfectly vanilla Durance, and just switch the Lore I gave him with Mechanics.


I was wondering a few things. First, when you install the IE mod, is it problematic when the game has a new patch ? Second, is there a place where I could see what Durance is like when you first met him ? I don't won't to change anything he's not supposed to be.


Thanks for any help =) If you have any experience with doing "respec", any advise is welcome.

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IE Mod doesn't cause any problems when you patch, although you'll have to redownload it once it is updated for the new patch.


As for what Durance is like when you first pick him up, I don't know where he assigns his skill points, but I know he has the Bear's Fortitude talent. Priests don't have any selectable abilities when they level up aside from talents, so you don't have to worry about that at least. That said, the ability to have a character join at level 1 and level them up manually is now baked into the game, so you might be able to justify giving him a different talent and skill spread anyway.


I'm not sure if this is still a concern with IE Mod or not, but make sure that he still has Magran as his deity after you respec him. Unless they updated that part, IE Mod nulls the deity selection when you respec, so you have to re-select Magran as Durance's deity using a different console command.

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Ah, yes, it's true, the possibility to level up new cmpanions from level 1 might be my salvation.


I still have a couple of companions I haven't met apparently, so I suppose I could use one of those to be my Mechanic guy ! That'd suit me better  :yes:

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Vinsssounet - When I found myself in need of a Mechanics guy, I just hired a custom Rogue at an inn and put all of his skill points in Mechanics at level up. Even though I hastily made him, it turned out to be a pretty decent DPS character too so I decided to keep him around instead of recruiting a sixth Obsidian NPC (that was during my first play through.)


So if you hire a custom Rogue and actually spend some time optimizing them, you'll find yourself with a Mechanics guy that deals astonishing amounts of damage in combat (peddroelm managed a 300-damage crit once; it's in his signature.)

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Yup, I thought about it but I really like having companions with a story.


Anyway, I met the Grieving Mother this morning and selected the "start from level 1" official option before recruiting her. She now knows her way around Mechanics, and that's fine by me !


Thanks for your suggestions =)

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You can respec Durance just fine and it causes no issues.  You cannot however give him a background that gives him +1 to mechanics, since you're only levelling him up, not rerolling stats.


In fact, having Durance as a mechanic is a great idea, since he has magical "traps" (the wards)  and mechancs skill affects their accuracy.


But if all you want is to change the skill values:


Skill charname skillname value - example: Skill player stealth 10 (player is what you type in when you mean your own character). Example2: Skill Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 stealth 10
The value is the amount of points that have been spent on the skill, rather than the resulting skill. For example, to get rating 6, you need to have spent (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21) points to get there.


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