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[1.05 v567] Potential bug with music



The game is eerily silent. The music occasionally starts playing for a brief time after several minutes of silence, and then it stops. It's not an abrupt stop, it just kinda fades out. Either the tracks are very short or something is interrupting the music from looping. The silence drains the life from the atmosphere because the music adds so much to it.


I can fix this by saving and loading, which triggers the appropriate music track immediately, but it still goes quiet after a minute or two. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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There are fairly long pauses before tracks repeat (a few minutes), which is intentional I believe.


However, tracks fading out is not something I've noticed, that may be a bug. The music pieces I recall definitely has a proper "end" to them and don't fade out.

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Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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