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Tiny Animat accuracy bug



I just got the animat pet and it can raise my accuracy indefinitely. I reloaded and tried several things and it actually worked differently different times. One thing that always seems to work is equip animat, exit inventory, enter inventory, unequip animat (notice that accuracy doesnt drop), repeat.


Not a huge bug, and one that people probably wont find, I am not sure why I found it. I was just so surprised that the animat influenced a stat that I started equipping and unequipping it and saw that my accuracy never stopped going up.






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This doesn't just happen with the tiny animat, I get it with the black cat and the ginger tabby too.  Adds +5 accuracy each time swapped out, although I can't usually make a pet add more than +10 total in any one session.

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HI there,


Cosmetic pets should have no effect on your accuracy at all. Are you sure you are not seeing changing numbers from buffs wearing off or changing gear? If you are actually seeing an accuracy increase from equipping a cosmetic pet the please upload a save to dropbox so I can check this out.



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- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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I can confirm that accuracy number rise when you equip pet and then close inventory screen and unequip pet and re-equip it, it seems that you can't get it stack if game is paused and if you don't close inventory screen in between after unequip-re-equip, but unequip pet immediately accuracy resets itself and accuracy seems to reset itself after first attack done with stacked accuracy.


Tested in 1.05.


Saving also seems to reset raised accuracy and it is not saved, so I am not sure if it.


EDIT: I can repeat bug only with one of my characters.


EDIT2: link to savegame https://8iz1sg-sn3302.files.1drv.com/y2pMe7hvsdto1_9XKFveD-_RQP7faUuFZGss7PAqnHlPyl3SbxuR765GrpTkmwrLYq4nFp5kMG2Rk2-EhnVBUyndxwG4QOzVMATV4mNhUhSA6vKxZ3V2K7u2_HMRKLyarBz5XLXLdw7E2-wNSWmIS8gaB3NCYdyELe__z4RHynksNY/d996c2b15cd04c6c88fbb6c6122353aa%2020099223%20TheCelestialSapling.savegame?download&psid=1

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