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[1.0.5] Chain Lightning slows framerate to a crawl



I'm playing on a 27" iMac with 3.4 GHz Intel i5, GF 780M GTX, bootcamped to Windows 8.1. This is well past the recommended requirements, and I'm generally getting really smooth framerates. Graphics setting "high."


However, whenever someone casts Chain Lightning (e.g. adra beetles), the game turns into a slideshow until the FX finishes. I don't have a framerate indicator up, but I'd eyeball about 2-3 FPS.


Not a huge deal, but nevertheless something that should be addressed.

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For me, it's when both I and the enemies cast Circle of Protection (usually when I'm fighting Xaurip Priests). The frame rate drops to single digits. The game runs smooth at 1080p 60 FPS otherwise.


My rig - i3-4130; R7 260X 2GB, 8GB RAM. 

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Just tried this on my rig (i7 4790k, 16Gb DDR3 2400Mhz CL10, GTX970) playing at 1080p windowed. Casting Chain Lightning I got 43 fps. Not a great deal many for my rig, I guess :p





Load the attached saved game while running a software that shows frame rate (e.g. FRAPS.)

Click on the Stronghold icon and observe that vicious mercenaries are about to attack.

Click on Manual Resolve to enter the fight with the vicious mercenaries.

As soon as combat starts, pause the game and select Aloth.

Observe that Aloth has the Chain Lightning spell memorized.

Cast Chain Lightning. Observe that when the spell is cast, frame rate drops significantly.



NOTE: several effects in the game suffer from bad compression that makes them pixellated. I am not suggesting we further compress them. However, if my PC can run much heavier 3D games at 60 fps, there must be some GPU optimizations that can be done to achieve smoother frame rates when effects are in place.

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NOTE: several effects in the game suffer from bad compression that makes them pixellated. 


That's another thing I've noticed - lightning effects are extremely pixellated for some reason. Could the same issue be causing both problems? I wouldn't expect that being able to count the pixels in a lightning effect is intended behavior.

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