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I'm not entirely certain how the mechanics work out, but it seems that Spellbind items (the Munacra Arret is the one I'm looking at) use the class-based accuracy of the character that has the item equipped?


Does this not make a Fighter with a cunning new green monocle better at landing Whisper of Treason than an equivalent level Cipher, since he's got "full base" and a cipher has 3/4?

Similarly, any wizard spell would be vastly easier to connect with when used by a Fighter/Monk/Ranger/Rogue than a wizard?


Similar but seperate concern, would the spells AoE and duration be affected by the Int of the item user?

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Yes and Yes. High Accuracy classes make good Scroll users, for example.


Attributes are fairly consistent in the way they influence item use, e.g. Might makes healing potions, Scrolls and Traps more powerful. Talents can interact with usable items in interesting ways, too. I've seen a Rogue's Dirty Fighting Talent proc on a Fan of Flames Scroll.

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Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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Scrolls use character's base accuracy which is imo a design oversight and should really depend on lore or smth. They also use character's might, int and dex score (so the best scroll user would be a max might/int and if you need speed dex character with 30 base). You're confusing this with D&D though as "medium" attack is not 3/4, it's a static 5 accuracy difference that doesn't change with level, so not that much in the end.

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Yeah, I was drawing the parellel between this and D&D for the point. The math between the two is very different, since mages in D&D dont give a rat about their attack bonus.

I was just discussing that with my wife, I think this is a pretty elegant system, but I do rather miss getting to buff accuracy. The problem is that in almost all instances getting more accuracy is the thing to do, and since in this accuracy directly converts to crits, until you've pushed "Hit" off the table accuracy is probably your best bet mathematically for nearly any class. Not having the ability to affect it much is weird because it's always been so key, but it is also the right choice I think.

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