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So, how much did 1.05 reduce sidequest XP, anyway?

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Anybody got numbers?


I ask because I just completed Champions of Berath to the tune of 32994 XP.  I get that it's a tough fight and all (well, it is if you don't use a few summon items, Firebug, and Returning Storm), but that feels a mite excessive to me.  Is it possible that the patch didn't change XP awards for quests that were already in-progress? 

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I don't have numbers but I know my Rogue hasn't had any trouble hitting level 4 (probably maxing at level 5 even if I don't go to Dyrford Village) in act I, which is how it was before patch 1.05. I've noticed a couple of drops in experience (for example I'm sure when I originally met Raedric and agreed to kill Kolsc, it would give 500+ experience, here it gave somewhat less than that).


From this I'm assuming maybe it was Defiance Bay that got tuned down more, and as you say it could be that quests which were in progress before the upgrade remain unaffected.

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Bounty quests are still quite lucrative.


Anyway, for perspective, all act 1+2 quests (minus companion ones), 6 levels of the Endless Paths and my six man party is ~25% past level 9. Just the animancy hearing remaining, though it's bugged.

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