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Can probably finish game with 2 rests



I have been trying to get the achievement for completing the game with less than 10 rests as a challenge, but I found a way to cheese it via an exploit which would mean I wont need to rest  except for once when I get to Gilded Vale and probably once more before Thaos Fight.


If you get to an inn with your party on critical health and fatigue simply do the following: Remove everyone from your party. Exit Dialogue. Add Everyone to the party again. Everyone except your main character will be full health and have no fatigue.

So as long as you keep your main character out of fights and have him hang around at the entrance to the dungeon or map area and play with 5 party members you should be able to easily finish the game with an effective party of 5. You might want to rest before Thaos fight since you cannot run back to an inn, but that is all. 

A bit disappointing, since I was looking forward to trying out some skills like the healing ones  which would allow me to try and keep resting to a minimum, but they are not even needed with this exploit.


You do not get your /rest abilities back, but as long as you play with classes which run /encounter abilities you will be fine. 

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