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duplicate debuff = purge



haven't played in a week or so, so am not certain if this is new, but as of this AM (5.0567), applying a debuff to a foe that is already suffering from that debuff can/does/will complete purge the debuff.  for example, if a troll is suffering from the paralysis condition and 2 seconds remain on effect, afflicting the troll with mental binding and getting an 8.6 second hit (or whatever is the duration) results in said troll being liberated premature from both paralysis effects.


am not certain if this is a 100% kinda thing or what other factors might influence, but have seen this issue multiple times with utilizing knockdown on an already prone foe and overlapping mental bindings from grieving mother.


we will need check on similar/differing effects.


ty in advance for looking into this.


HA! Good Fun!



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