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The core idea of this build is to use two arquebus to deal as high burst damage as possible to kill dragons quickly. Core talents are quick switch for two fast FOD shoots, Inspiring Liberation for short time accuray buff and Beast slayer and high might for damage.


If we count the average damage of an arquebus is 30, with all damage bonus: +50% from hight Might, +45% from Surperb, +25% from Slaying(beast), +25% from Beast slayer, +20% from Sworn Enemy, +10% from Flanking boots, +?% from Critical Attacks, you can reach around 80~90 basic damage with arquebus, with all FOD related talents you get +120% Burning Lash. So you can reach around 200 damage to Dragons in one shoot. Quick switch to another arquebus and you can do around 400 damage to dragons in seconds, likely to kill it in seconds. This damage will be reduced by dragons's high DR but not very much I guess.




Island Aumaua is the best choice for this build, wood elf is also decent. Armed to teeth give an extra weapon set slot so you can carry one melee weapon and two arquebuses for two FOD shoots.



Darcozzi is for now the best offensive order due to Inspiring Liberation. To be noted that you can cast Inspiring Liberation on one character twice to get +20 accuracy bonus, with Sworn Enemy you get +35 accuracy to certain enemy. Really good at facing bosses like dragons. I dont choose Fire of darcozzi palace cause it gets worse in later games and I dont have enough talent points to spare on it.




21/4/18/3/15/17 for Str/Con/Dex/Per/Int/Res


This build is focus on FOD and arquebuses, so you want as high Might as possible to optimize the arquebus damage. So Island Aumaua with Living Land background is the best choices. Int is also important for Pal Aura range and duration of Inspiring Liberation.


Abilities & Talents


Level 1

  Flame of devotion: core ability for slaying big mobs.

Level 2

  Intense flame: improve your FOD damage.

Level 3

 Zealous Focus

Level 4

 Scion of flame: more FOD damage.

Level 5

  Sworn Enemy

Level 6

   Quick Switch: a must-have talent if you want to use multiple weapon sets.

Level 7

  Liberaton Exhortation

Level 8

  Inspiring Liberation: decent to get +10, even +20 accuracy.

Level 9

  Righteous Soul: resist terrfied afflection when facing dragons.

Level 10

  Beast Slayer: another 25% bous for arquebus.

Level 11

  Whatever you want

Level 12

  Whatever you want


Weapon Style


Two arquebuses with quick switch, and another melee weapon is all you want for this build.

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