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1.05.0565 Xaurip Priest Iconic Projection melts lvl 8 party in 3 seconds flat (hits many times per second)





(level 8 party)


3 Chars dead before I managed to pause/blink .. Ranger was out of range .. And Rogue revived due to second chance item and won the fight .. I don't recall xaurip priests ever being this dangerous .. 


 Adra Dragon probably checks under its bed for xaurip priests before going to sleep ..

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This same thing can happen with the lv2 mage bouncing fireball spell as well, and it happened on both spells in version 1.04 . For some reason each will normally hit only once but once in a while will multi hit 2-6 times each target.


 Also in 1.04 iconic projection completely ignored enemy DR.

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