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Roedric's Keep bug



In the southeast corner of the kitchen level is a small area reachable via a 'secret passage' from the lab in the dungeon. While exploring, two of my party of four slipped through a bricked-up doorway from the adjacent larger area into this smaller area. The other two members couldn't come through. My two characters who made the transition are now trapped in the secret area: they can't go back through the door nor down to the dungeon.


I would send you the savegame file I just made but it's running on Steam and I have no clue where they hid the game data!


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Your saved sames are either in c:\users\%username%\savedgames\pillars of eternity , as stated in the pinned "MUST READ:how to report an issue" thread.. Or, if you installed the game on, say, D drive, d:\savedgames\pillars of eternity

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