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Minor Spellbind spell not appearing





The Ring of Searing Flames doesn't seem to produce the Combusting Wounds spell when equipped after one of my characters did. To be specific, I had Kana equip the ring and it showed in one of the abilities but after I got Pallegina and equipped it on her, it doesn't show. I've tried on all the other characters and they have the same issues. 


Please help, thanks!


PS: Refer to screenshots below. The second one clearly shows there is no Combusting Wounds.





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try equipping it, then saving/reloading

its an often bug with spellbind items

PIllars of eternty (Hard) 1st playtrough: 155h, 38 m (main Ranger with bear(bow), Eder, Durance(off tank), Hirvais(off tank), Kana(ranged), Aloth/GM)
PIllars of eternty (PtoD) 2nd playtrough: 88h 30 m (main Bleak Walker Paladin, Eder, Barbarian, Monk, Rogue (ranged) Cypher(wand)
(not counting reloads and experimenting)
status i love the game, hate the bugs, and wish for better AI and Pathfinding


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