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after quite easily rolling through path of damned with a 2tank/2priest/2wizard setup, i want re go on path of damned but with trial of iron +expert mode.


same setup? both tanks are warrios with 2STr/max perception/max resolve/rest in consti.


dps come of wizard and priest. it made potd easy. the onyl challeng i encoutnred was adra dragon, which i beat with same setup after 2-3 tries.


do you think i shud swap out one of the priest for a extra mage or cypher? the dual priest seemts op for traps/buggs/heals.



how do you think a 10 constituation tank wud work? cus in my 2str/17cosnit/max res/max perc build, the tanks was kinda op.


but their dmg was useless. not that i had issues killign stuff, gaze od adragan/traps made all potd easy.


what are your thoughs for trial of iron? str and 10 consti or max const and keep the crap str ?

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Just try to remember where your party got wiped and/or where your main character died in battle in your POTD playthrough. And take precautions for those battles, you may even want to build you characters accordingly. 

You may also want to avoid lower levels of Od Nua.

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during all my potd, my PC which was orlan tank with 2str/max resol/max perc/17 cosnti , never died.


all members was dead but him and the 2nd tank. mai nreason of relaod was that with 2 low dmg tanks, evne immortal, was no poitn continue as kill stuff wud take ages.


so i was relaoding with my tanks always alive, only for avoid dps/healers to dieas cudent kill alone or in hours...


hardest was fight vs fampyr in od nua level 10 or so, and adra dragon. the vithrack mind control was only issue.


i dont want relaod only cus my tank cant kill anything....evne if it cant die.


so shud i give 10 str/10 consti to my offtank? an make it half dps too ?  i worried about 10 consti being low for potd tank, evne if 90% dmg mitigation came of my resol/perc/resists

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aoes never been a probleme cept on adra dragon.


my biggest issue was confuse/charm/dominate from vithracks and fampyrs.


if i go solo, dont it make things easier? i wan max difficulty...


on my expert potd trip all was smooth thx to firewall/doors or gaze/nuke priest traps..


wud chanter be a choie then for solo triple crown or priest?


i seen u did with a monk.never played monk.what is it like ?

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