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Crash when moving to a new area



I'm crashing consistently when moving from one area to the next. I'm playing version of the game on OS X 10.10.3. I've gathered my Player.log, autosave game file, and system info into a zip file. You can get it from this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xg0e1rb09nnl85k/PoE_crash_when_loading_new_area.zip


Let me know if you need anything else.



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Mine was working pretty well until the patch, 3 days ago. Now it crashes on load, crashes when changing areas, crashes when leaving a building or a dungeon or entering one. I tried the font delete it says font not found. Andd unfortunately i am not incredibly computer saavy thats why i am here thta and i do wanna play this. More basic and really clear instructions that cannot be interpreted more than one way are probablybwhat i need. So basic like your instructing a 4 year old please. I do think its the font it makes total sense and is symptomatically identical to what others have described here. I would be grateful and appreciative for any help thanks in advance.


If you need the crash file please include directions on how that's attached sent or whatever.

Okay guess I am playing Divinity Original Sin.

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