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Crash when moving to a new area

mac crash bug

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I'm crashing consistently when moving from one area to the next. I'm playing version of the game on OS X 10.10.3. I've gathered my Player.log, autosave game file, and system info into a zip file. You can get it from this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox....ng_new_area.zip


Let me know if you need anything else.





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The crash might be due to your Intel HD5000 graphics driver (it's showing rather prominently in the stack trace). Your current HD5000 driver dates from September 2014 so it might be worth checking for an update.



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Mine was working pretty well until the patch, 3 days ago. Now it crashes on load, crashes when changing areas, crashes when leaving a building or a dungeon or entering one. I tried the font delete it says font not found. Andd unfortunately i am not incredibly computer saavy thats why i am here thta and i do wanna play this. More basic and really clear instructions that cannot be interpreted more than one way are probablybwhat i need. So basic like your instructing a 4 year old please. I do think its the font it makes total sense and is symptomatically identical to what others have described here. I would be grateful and appreciative for any help thanks in advance.


If you need the crash file please include directions on how that's attached sent or whatever.

Okay guess I am playing Divinity Original Sin.

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