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Cannot trigger Durance 2nd dream sequence

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Hi guys,


I know there's a lot going on about Durance. I checked around and I can't find what I'm looking for.


This guy has been bugged for me since the get-go. Nobody seems to be talking (or at least there's too much to sift through) about how to trigger Durance's 2nd dream.


-I got the first dream triggered with a manual patch from this forum (I think a dev posted it temporarily).

-Then eventually the patch came out that supposedly fixes Durance (which overwrote the overwritten files).

-I'm in Act II and I'm trying to trigger 2nd dream, but no go.


So... how do you trigger 2nd dream sequence? I am pretty sure I exhausted all dialog options, although the two dialog options to tell me about "Magran" and this region and its "history" is still highlighted.


What do I do?



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Best way to advance the quests of both Durance and GM is by repeatedly resting at Ranga's campfire in Anslog's Compass. After you complete her quest, she allows you to rest for free as much as you want, and it counts as "camping" for the purpose of their quests.

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