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Why must you oppose Raedric VII?

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Yeah, it didn't change anything. It does give you the different dialogue choice you mentioned ("I'd rather not get involved") but the journal entry is identical, as is the conversation with Raedric. So the Wiki page I referenced previously is simply inaccurate -- there doesn't seem to be any way to ally with Raedric from the start of the quest. From an RP standpoint, you can simply turn Kolsc down, tell Raedric that Kolsc didn't send you and then ally with him by saying you don't care who's on the throne as long as you get paid (however Bleak Walkers will still get the class-specific dialogue choice for attacking Raedric, which is my only gripe). It just would have been nice if there actually was a bounty placed on Kolsc's head in Defiance Bay. Oh well. :)

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