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Frame rate Issue




Since four days ago i have an issue with frame rate that it’s very annoying. The frame rate is between 20-24 frames or even lower and it’s not only in the cities, it’s everywhere.


I read other similar post with shuttering issues or low frame rate and I try different solutions as “msaa 0” command, uncheck vsinc or fullscreen, change the resolution, run as administrator but didn’t work. And I didn’t see an answered of obsidian about this issue (sorry if there is an answered).


I think that is not my PC because with other games I don’t have any problem. My PC is:


·         Intel Core i5 4590 3,30 GHz

·         8  GB Ram DDR 3

·         Shappire R9 280


I really love this game and I have a game with 35 hours but it’s very annoying play this game like this.


There is any solution that I don`t know or there will be any patch or even obsidian has said anything about this problem?


PD:  Sorry for my possible mistakes with the language

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You possibly won't get an answer because they f*cked up the engine

and know that they can't do anything about it in the near future...

Hell would suprise me if they touch the performance issue at all.....  :banghead:


It's my only concern with the game it's amazing but performance wise

it's a reeealy bad joke.

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First, thanks for your answers


I tried 3 diferente drivers and i had the same results. I installed three times, one of them in other hard drive and nothing. And all the options in Catalist Center are "use aplication settings" so the AA isn`t force

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