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Mod Request - Remove delay on armor

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If anyone with programming skills could do this I would really appreciate it.  I find no reason why armor has delays (other than to make plate wearing casters balanced), and why does it have to be SO MUCH delay. Why if I want to do any amount of DPS do I have to strip my dps'ers down to clothing or near clothing levels? Why do I have to drop my tank's  DEX to 3 because he is delayed so much it doesn't matter?


Delay. #anexperimentgonewrong

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Because with the engagement system, movement (as in running) penalties for heavy armor seem kind of pointless, thus it's attack speed delay?


...which isn't that uncommon, really, except PoE uses it on armor as well as weapon types and there isn't any "super-fast whirlwind juggernauts" potential ala Diablo's. But you can increase attack speed in various ways, and I find that upgraded scale mail still works pretty well defensively without being too horrid on the attack speed. I didn't even put Eder in plate mail, and he was still very tanky.


I don't get the big deal, really. If you want to be mega dps + fast, there's a penalty for it. You can be highish damage per attack if you want, just a bit slower, so it's lower dps overall, but you still kill things just the same in the end.

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