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Feature request - ring of testing



repost from general subsection of forum..


Add some basic cheap  rings at some starting vendor that reduce Maximum weapon damage by  -6  (should be enough for all basic weapons)  .. Dual wielding this item should cover even Archebuses (wide damage range)..  


Since they would lower weapon damage - no one would use them in regular play-trough - but they would be invaluable for testing damage mechanics (and for weapon damage related bug hunting)  by removing RNG from the damage (not to hit) rolls .. Making weapons inflict constant damage as long as other factors don't change .. 



For example:

Battle Axe damage range would go from 11-16 to 10-10 with such ring equipped ..

2h melee weapons from 14-20 to 14-14 .

Archebuse from 24-36 to 24-24 ..

and so forth.. 



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