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Anyone else having issues with not seeing the range of the spells?

Whenever I want to cast a spell and my caster starts moving around in order to be able to cast it, I want to swear.

I'd like to SEE the range of my spells so I know I should not cast that one because my caster will end up running in melee and be engaged/interrupted before casting it.

Seeing a dotted circle giving the range of the spell and not just the AoE would make the game much more enjoyable to me.

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You can see if the spell will be cast with or without moving around: once you selected a spell and the mouse cursor is in "targeting/placing" mode, if the desired location is out of range and will require your caster to move around, two little footsteps will appear on your mouse cursor.


Furthermore, the spell descriptions also mention what the specific range is.

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