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[Bug] Interrupt effects not working properly



Or rather, concentration reduction effects aren't working properly, sorry for the misstatement. 


Testing, one, two



Spells that claim to directly reduce enemy Concentration do not work. Tested the Chanter Phrase, Expose Vulnerabilities, and an Insect Swarm scroll. Target's Concentration remained the same with or without the effect applied.


Resolve reduction on the other hand does work. However, attribute scores cannot go lower than one, limiting the usefulness of -Res against some enemies. Against a town guard, for example, Miasma only lowered Concentration by 27, meaning the guard had Resolve 10 and the spell only drained nine. (Incidentally, I noticed Defenses can go into negatives, and actually add to the attacker's hit roll).


With Interrupting Blows presumably bugged, and direct attacks on Concentration not working, manipulating Res and Per, and going for crits (+25 to the roll) appear to be the only ways of influencing Interrupt attempts.


Concentration scores were the same on both Hard and PotD for Pasca at The Black Hound. Resolve 10 yields 75 Concentration score. Meanwhile Interrupt rating starts at zero (Perception 10) and works its way up from there.

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